The nature of Rebecca Parkin’s work is multi-layered incorporating drawing, installation and text with a baroque sense of vision and story-telling. She concocts fantasies which hover between multiple zones, bodies and genres where divergent strands of art history and popular culture are stewed together forming new contaminated fictions. Different aesthetic systems are used for displaying and theming work to extend not only the way a piece of fiction can be experienced but also to invest it with a highly charged seductive and coercive impact. Parkin plays with the relations of femininity to art history, sometimes by employing traditional feminine techniques and purposefully contradicting them with the co-opting of both over determined ‘masculine’ art historical movements and male adolescent sub-cultural idioms alike. Other times archetypal fantasies take center stage in gender bending sequences  convoluting and restructuring the familiar social order. Subjects ranging from pop cultural feminist writings and gender film studies interact with heavy metal stage show design, horror film posters, comic books and the marvel franchise, the fringes of social fantasy, cosplay and fetish scenes, science fiction illustration and fan art in experimental world building narratives.                        

Rebecca Parkin gained the Basil Alkazzi Scholarship at The Royal College of Art and graduated in 2009. She currently practices from her studio in north London